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Welcome to Kimberly Skin Care

Fifteen years ago, I chose the aesthetics profession out of a fascination with how the skin functions and the joy of connecting with people one-on-one.


Over the years, I've continued learning and teaching through a network of aesthetic practitioners. Along the way, I became increasingly appreciative of the nurturing and healing value of therapeutic touch. I broadened the scope of my caregiving skills to include a certification in reflexology and an attunement (initiation/training) to the practice of Reiki -- an energy work. While building upon my professional skills, I've found my consciousness deepened through the gift of providing nurturing skin care and healing to clients.

Creating and maintaining an environment where clients feel comfortable divulging concerns about their skin and exposing very personal parts of themselves (bodies and emotions!) is essential to what I do. I am honored by the trust my clients place in my skills, and I strive to continue to earn that trust.

In tandem with the aesthetic services I provide, I also offer the kimberly line of skin care products that reflects and reiterates my approach to skin care. Effective, stabilized, drug-free and gentle ingredients are used in formulating products targeting a variety of skin care needs.

I invite you to visit my space to relax, renew and indulge in the personal and professional care you wholly deserve!

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